Discovering Bratislava

Bratislava has 2000 years of rich history dating back to Celtic times. It has been part of the Roman Empire, over centuries attracted royal families such as the Habsburgs and has seen coronations of Hungarian kings including the empress Maria Theresa. However, the last century was not kind to Bratislava. Its multiculturalism and charm was damaged during World War II, followed by 40 years of communism. In the course of these years many have forgotten Bratislava’s legendary past.



Bratislava's historical centre has been beautifuly renovated and has a great atmosphere with history tangled up everywhere.

The Gothic St.Martin's Cathedral saw coronation of 19 Hungarian kings and queens.

The unique design of the Bratislava Castle reminds of an flipped-over table on a hill above the Danube river and offers great views of the city. Another favourite view-point is the medieval St.Michael's Gate, the watchtower of the original city fortification.

The fairy-tale Old Town Hall with the clock tower and the romantic courtyard with arcades houses the City Museum.

A unique collection of tapestries telling a tragic story of ancient Greek lovers Leander and Hero is presented in the Classical Primate's Palace.

The masterpiece of the Bratislava Rococo, the Mirbach's Palace, houses several historical works of graphic arts.

Visitors are free to wander the Presidential Palace's manicured gardens.

The Opera House located in a lively square nearby the fancy Philharmonic building, surrounded by trendy restaurants and luxury hotels, rivals any renowned Eropean opera houses with its legendary opera productions.